Lanka Fundamental Rights Organization

Seeduwa, Sri Lanka
Joined May 2022

We work to ensure fundamental rights from Womb to Tomb, and have found that fundamental rights are violated due to health issues, due to lack of education and poverty. We solve these issues

Presence in: Sri Lanka
Focus: Other

We do have Offices in every district and every division covering the entire Sri Lanka working on all 14,000 Grama Sewaka areas. Our Main projects are (1) Health – ensuring from the pregnant mothers that healthy babies are born and then we continue health assistance including water & sanitation, environment, proper food consumption, etc., (2) Education – we provide all assistance for education and (3) Wealth (Poverty elimination) – we advice on family planning, educate them on financial literacy, skills development, self-employment assistance and setting up Social Enterprises so that every one, including disabled could work from home and get monthly profit sharing.