Land for Life Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Joined September 2023

Dialogue for Change

Presence in: Ethiopia
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights

The Land for Life Initiative launched in 2018 with an overall aim of being a credible voice and center of excellence on land governance in Ethiopia. It is a process owned by all actors involved. As a multi-actor dialogue forum, policy makers, implementing government offices, civil society organizations, the academia, and the private sector come together to foster collaboration on land governance. A series of meetings was undertaken among the stakeholders which have discussed on key challenges and injustices resulting from weak land governance. This gave birth to a group of committed actors who continually assess the land governance context and reach out to more actors and initiatives and expand the space for dialogue and collaboration. In November 2019 Larger MAP Conference held at Bishoftu that mapped out key challenges on land governance in Ethiopia and set directions for the Steering Committee on priority policy interventions and the need to secure legal recognition for the initiative. Thus, by expanding the size and mix, and enhancing their capacities, the steering committee evolved, and got its license as a legal entity, Land for Life-Ethiopia as of 2021.