Journalists for the Protection of Nature

Paynesville, Liberia
Joined September 2023

Mark M. Dahn, Program Officer of JPN Liberia communication and behavior change specialist with 8 years experience and has worked in both Liberia and Sierra. Responsible for JPN program activities.

Presence in: Liberia
Focus: Environmental Justice

Journalists for the Protection of Nature is a nonprofit environmental media organization working to promote climate justice, promote conservation activities, and work to support global efforts to reduce the global temperature at 1.5 degree Celsius. JPN-Liberia core activities include to create awareness, provide education and carry out community engagement, advocacy and provide training.

Our activities are done based on the root cause (s) of the situation. We have a competent and dedicated staff that provides diverse shades of media expertise to support our overarching mission. We develop professional pathways in our drive to implement programs to satisfy donor funding.

As part of its mission JPN is committed to researching, advocating, reporting transparent and credible stories on climate Change, the environment and science in Liberia, West Africa and the world.