Joint-initiatives for Action

Hargeisa, Somaliland
Joined September 2023

JIFA works in Somaliland capitalb(Hargeisa) and Awdal region (Borama). Its mission is to protect and realize trafficked persons’ rights by providing access to adequate assistance and support justice

Presence in: Somaliland
Focus: Children's Rights, Criminal Justice, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law, Policy Advocacy, Protection & Safety, Right to Information, Traditional / Customary Justice, Women's Rights
  1. JIFA is a center that is dedicated to combat against trafficking of humans and illegal immigrations that represents in working from a human rights perspective, meaning that we oppose all anti-trafficking measures that undermine or adversely affect the human rights especially of the groups concerned with the abuse. We understand trafficking in human beings as both a root cause and a consequence of the violation of human rights and in the meantime provide a direct support to trafficked persons and groups vulnerable to human trafficking. We also work on information and knowledge exchange, capacity building and other stakeholders and cross-sectoral cooperation.Likewise, the center works in tacking the Irregular migration, which has dramatically increased among the youth, particularly among secondary school and to a lesser extent college students in all major towns in Somaliland.
  2. We also endeavor in monitoring and advocacy for change to ensure accountability for the effective implementation of Somaliland Anti-Trafficking and illegal immigrations policies and regulations.