Janzu Women And Children Foundation

Liberia, Liberia
Joined March 2022

We are focus on helping Women & children in underserved communities by providing them the quality life they need to maximize their full potential with the aim of building a stronger community.

Presence in: Liberia, Rwanda
Focus: Children's Rights, Community Organizing, Gender-based violence, Health, Protection & Safety

Janzu Women And Children Foundation(JWCF) was founded in March 2022 by Janki L. Bazzie and Marzu KB Peabody after one year of being apart and three month of Janki enrollment in Nursing College. The name is taken from the first names of Janki and Marzu; Janzu which means idealism, generosity, creativity.

Janki L. Bazzie is the Founder and Executive Directive Director of the foundation while Mrs. Marzu K. B Peabody is the Co-Founder. Both are passionate about finding a solution to the Health issues Women and Children are faced with holistically.

Mrs. Peabody is a trained and professional Midwife while Miss Bazzie is an aspiring Nursing and a pediatrician in waiting. Janki L Bazzie is currently studying Nursing at the Mount Kenya University in Kigali, Rwanda.

While Miss Bazzie stays in Kigali, she found many children suffer from a lot of different forms of abuses, including Sexual Abuse, Child Labor, neglect, negligence and commercial or other exploitation in Africa at the same time children were being dying from common disease that can easily be preventable but couldn’t because they are being paid less attention to.

So it´s against the background of the limited progress and socio-economic inequality in health outcomes in Liberia and Africa that they both decided to help through the Janzu Women and Children Foundation(JWCF), to help contribute to better child health and protection and lower socio-economic disparities and improved healthy behavior among women in Liberia and Africa.

Miss Bazzie is passionate about helping children live a healthy life as she believes that when children are healthy, they have a happy life and as such they tend to have a bright future. Blessed to have survived so many illnesses during my young age. I am now gaining an opportunity of hope, and a future through Health education. This is the hope I intend to give back to children.´´ Janki L . bazzie ´´