Karonga District, Malawi
Joined May 2021

HYCF is a registered non-profit organization based in Karonga, Malawi, south-eastern Africa It was formed on 24 April, 2020 under the sector responsible for the welfare of children, women and elderly.

Presence in: Malawi
Focus: Education, Family, Gender-based violence, Health, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Livelihoods, Women's Rights


The mission of this organization is to help the poor people realize their importance of existence in society and achieve equality regardless of one’s ethnicity, race, religion, sexuality, and sexual orientation. It aims at transforming society into a better place through community development.


To have a platform to help the vulnerable groups i.e the elderly and people living with HIV in rural set up of Malawi.









• To transform societies into a better place to live in through community development.

• To achieve a better and developed communities in all areas of Empowerment, human rights, community health, Food security and Nutrition and sustainable livelihoods through provision of enough support, better and effective services at right time.

• To promote human rights to engage in relationship that embody the principles of dignity and respect and to create a culture of human rights compliance and accountability.

• To eradicate extreme poverty in targeted communities by providing soft loans with very low interest to women and the youth both boys and girls to start up small scale businesses.

• To reduce community health problems by providing quality health services through facilitation and sensitization.


To provide a healthy environment for the children to receive their basic needs and lead them to a brighter future.

To provide capacity building to children on how to protect themselves against drug and substance abuse, and provide counselling.

To collect and document data on the challenges that children face in society

To help survivors of any right violations psychologically and sign post them to other service providers for final assistance.

To empower vulnerable groups through income generation activities to reduce economic dependency.

To approach the community as a whole and together focus at needy people and children