Hebron University Legal Clinics

Hebron, State of Palestine
Joined September 2016
Presence in: State of Palestine
Focus: Generalist Legal Services, Other

The Legal Clinic opened its offices at Hebron University campus in September 2011. In August 2013, the Clinic was integrated within the law school. The Clinic currently enjoys a strong reputation not only in the Hebron district, but also at the national, regional and global levels. The Clinic, like most legal clinics around the world, seeks to build the capacity of its students to practice law by applying their knowledge of legal theory in the provision of legal aid to community members. Through the Clinic, law students provide pro bono legal assistance to certain marginalized groups. The Clinic has become the hub for legal information, training and rights activism at Hebron University and has given law students the opportunity to extend the application of their legal skills into law reform, research, advocacy, and to develop their public speaking skills through community legal education