Green Camel Bell

Lanzhou, China
Joined April 2021

MISSION:Protecting Environment in West China VISION:Green mountains, Clear Water, Blue Sky, Man and Nature in Harmony

Presence in: China
Focus: Environmental Justice


Environmental Education and Communication

Community Development

Water Resources Protection

Post-Earthquake Reconstruction

Grassland Conservation

Volunteer Development


Strategic Plan

  1. Conduct public environment education, sponsor volunteers’ organization, promote public participation in environment protection.
  2. Focus on ecological and environmental problems in typical regions. Improve regional eco-environment by demonstration and setting good examples.
  3. Encourage social supervision in the solution of water pollution and in protecting the water resource safety.
  4. Strength the organization construction and improve team innovation capability to achieve sustainable development of the organization.
  5. Establish cooperation and communication mechanisms to strengthen the experiences exchanges among different civil organizations.