Grassroots Access to Information Project

Benin City, Nigeria
Joined July 2015
Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Criminal Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Right to Information

GRATIP is an organization pioneered by Aigbokhan President, a right activist who secured the voting rights for prisoners in Nigeria. In January 2014, GRATIP through its executive director represented CBO’s that were excluded from the list of beneficiaries of World Bank grant for HIV/AIDS Program Development Project (HPDP II). We filed an action under the FOIA with success. This case enlarged the number of the beneficiaries of the fund.
Grass roots Access to Information Project (GRATIP), is concerned with building a new Nigeria, where the right of youth to access public record at the grass roots is respected, protected and defended. GRATIP is aimed at facilitating the following;

1) Free access to information at the grass roots
2) Train rural youths, students and information officer on right to access public records or information
3) Promote good governance at the grass roots
4) Promote participatory governance at the grass roots
5) Monitor the implementation of FOIA at the Grass roots