Las'anod, Somalia
Joined April 2021

Giavso is Non-governmental Organization that operates in Somalia. Giavso works for Democracy, good governance, Peace, human rights, gender based violence, environmental, health and emergency response.

Presence in: Somalia
Focus: Gender-based violence, Health, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Policy Advocacy
GIAVSO is non-profitable, non-political. Non-governmental Organization that started its formal operations on May 2017. Since the collapse of the central government of Somalia; public services, justice, equality and democracy have disappeared or broken. After years of civil wars re-established Somali federal government and regional states unfortunately there is still a clear lack of democracy, equality, justice, Transparency, accountability, freedom of speech, corruption and gender based violence. A group of scholars who felt the pain of these issues established GIAVSO to create and develop Democracy, good governance, Peace and human rights. GIAVSO not only works for democracy and human rights but also works social services such as protection, empowerment, health, environmental conservation and emergency response.