Educate A Child International (EACI)

Kasese municipality, Uganda
Joined August 2023

Educate a child international (EACI) is an indigenous registered Non-Governmental Organization registered as a Community Based Organization in Kasese district, Uganda

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Education, Environmental Justice, Health, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Women's Rights

EDUCATE A CHILD INTERNATIONAL (EACI) is an indigenous registered Non-Governmental Organization registered as a Community Based Organization first registered under registration number CE/CBS/207/2016/2017. The offices are located on Rwenzori House in Kasese Habitat, Nyamwamba West cell, Nyamwamba division, Kasese municipality.

Educate A child International focuses its program areas in all sub counties in Kasese district (Rwenzori region). The rationale for setting up Educate A Child International (EACI) is because of a felt need to have everyone utilize human potential that would translate into development of Uganda as a nation.


“A society where everyone realizes their potential and responsibility to develop in a sustainable manner”


To contribute to the development process by promoting human rights and advocacy, innovation and local solutions for poverty reduction,  better service delivery and sustainable development.


  1. To organize youth for development
  2. To empower young mothers in local innovations and entrepreneurship skills in Rwenzori region and beyond
  3. To promote community empowerment on girl child education
  4. To promote good governance and social accountability in Rwenzori region and beyond
  5. To promote community resilience on disaster management, environmental protection and climate change adaptation
  6. To reduce the HIV prevalence and incidence in Rwenzori sub-region and Uganda
  7. Promote children’s rights and child care
  8. To enhance community self innovations, reliance for sustainable economic development
  9. To support the sustainable use of natural resources and environment in the Rwenzori region
  10. To promote the capacity of youth to attain gainful employment through skills based training


  • Education
  • Health
  • Economic empowerment
  • Environmental conservation.