CoopeSoliDar R.L

San Jose, Costa Rica
Joined February 2019

We work in Costa Rica, Central America and the Caribbean. We work in subjects related to environmental justice, just and fair distribution of benefits derived from the sustainable use of biodiversity

Presence in: Costa Rica
Focus: Environmental Justice

CoopeSoliDar R.L is an organization of the social economy sector, is an initiative carried out by a group of professionals interested in establishing bridges between conservation and development, primarily for local communities. We propose innovative alternatives so cultural and biological wealth may contribute to improving the populations quality of life, with justice and equity , by working with participatory decision-making processes form individual and collective spaces, to the local, national and international levels.  CooopeSoliDar R.L is a cooperative composed of people with different areas of expertise, knowledge, and interest founded on an ethical base of common values, with social and cultural commitment that dignifies work within a framework of respect and happiness.  Its general objective is to Promote actions to reduce biodiversity losses and ensure access to biodiversity and just and equitable distribution of the benefits derived from using its elements, to improve the quality of life for people and broaden civil society development opportunities.