Consultation Center of AIDS Aid and Health Service

Beijing, China
Joined June 2016
Presence in: China
Focus: Gender-based violence, Health, Right to Information

I am working for a non-government civil society organization in China. Our working focuses are advocating equal human rights of sexual minorities, say gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, as well as the rights of sex workers. On the one hand we document human rights violation cases of MSM and transgender sex workers with photography and documentaries. On the other hand, we cooperate with public interest lawyers to sue the police and other local authorities who violence these vulnerable group. We also advocate for positive policy changes. For example the rule of law on people living with HIV is very bad which leads to the severe discrimination toward people living with HIV, and hundreds of people died because of this. Lastly, we provide technical support and capacity building training to other HIV, LGBT and sex worker related civil societies organizations in China for more than 6 years.