Community plus Organization (COPO)

Morogoro, Tanzania
Joined March 2022

It works in Tanzania. Morogoro region. Mission: To promote and enhance youth livelihood through economic empowerment, capacity building and environmental conservation for socio-economic transformation

Presence in: Tanzania
Focus: Financial Sustainability & Fundraising

Community Plus Organization (COPO) is a non- governmental organization with its headquarter in Morogoro region. Currently our office situated at Igima ward in Mlimba District in Tanzania. It was founded in July, 2017 as a group and got  its registration number 00NGO/R/027 in July 11, 2019 under NGO Act 2002

The complements government efforts by contributing to the implementation of various policies and hence brings development to the citizens. Our primary focus is on young people especially girls and women who found to be left behind in the sphere of sustainable development. We aim at empowering them by giving them proper guidance and skills to face the many challenges faced by young people in Tanzania.

The main objective of Community Plus Organization is to be an instrument responsible for creating good interrelationship among members, representing them to the government and other

stakeholders/authorities dealing with informal sector development in order to safe guide their rights for their development; politically, socially and economically such as;

  1. To empower and enhance capacity building for youth on life skills development and entrepreneurship for self-reliance and increased per capital income.

  2. To promote and enhance environmental management and conservation.

  3. To sensitize community on drug abuse and effects to youth livelihood.

  4. To promote community awareness on issues of early pregnancy and community healthy.

  5. To advocate and lobby on youth engagement and participation in national developmental interventions.