Community Enhancement Educational Foundation (CEEF)

Monrovia, Liberia
Joined May 2022

The Community Enhancement Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit and nongovernmental organization with a mandate to empower rural Communities, and promote social justice.

Presence in: Liberia
Focus: Education

program tic focus.

1. Community Empowerment

CEEF works with rural communities to give them the basic knowledge and tools they need to bring economic values to their labor; increase their access to finance, increased productivity and link them to markets.

2. Eradication of Gender-Based Violence
CEEF works to sensitize rural community and traditional leaders as well as women and youth action group while raising awareness on the need, laws and campaigns to stop human rights violation and abuse across genders. Unfortunately, in most cases, the victims are women due to their lack of financial independence even as many are forced by circumstance of life to become heads of households suddenly. CEEF commits to help learn the means to move forward, dignified and respected.

3. Leadership Development

Rural communities are not void of leadership. But for these traditional and cultural oriented leaders to work with the trending demands for democratic good governance and the techniques to secure relevant and effective political participation and negotiations to maximize their fair shares of returns on political access, they need support to build capacity. The evidence of contradictions is hurting. It is difficult to justify the scale of rural poverty and the suffering rural dwellers endure daily.

CEEF also runs short-term training program and provides quality training that:
 encourages research and competitiveness among participants through a participatory framework for better results, self- development as potential leaders;
 builds high performance individuals to craft competitive strategies, building new visions, values and culture; resulting in best place to work‖ excited staff, delighted customers and very satisfied employers, and
 That helps trainees to become effective advocate and managers of NGOs, companies, and diplomats, and state actors