Child Welfare Rights Int’l

Ilorin, Nigeria
Joined July 2022

Presently working in Ilorin, Kwara State Capital, Nigeria. The Primary mission is to fight the Right of Children especially in areas where the parents are divorced .

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Children's Rights, Education, Environmental Justice, Financial Sustainability & Fundraising, Gender-based violence, Indigenous Peoples' Rights

The Child Welfare Right, was a child of necessity established after the founder personally faced injustice and persecution by the judiciary due to his ex wife’s mum’s familial relationship with top members of the judiciary.Despite his prayers to have access with his children on 13th February, 2020 against 14th February 2020, to spend that year’s Valentine’s day with the children of the dissolved marriage.While the trial judge granted his prayers and the children were brought to the judges chamber on 14th February,2020 as granted in the open court the previous day, he watched with amusement how one of the six Counsels who represented his ex-wife were arguing with the judge not to forget the instruction handed to him by a senior High Court Judge with regards to the formwr mother inlaw who is re-married to a chief judge,whose judicial influence they were using to oppress the founder. Though, the Judge insisted on his ruling and stood by it as he handed over the children to their father for that year’s Valentine’s celebration with him, he was directed to withdraw the children from their father without recourse to the constitutional provision and by the time he went to lodge a complaint at the Chief Registrar’s office, his children and ex were brought to meet him there by an aide of the Senior High Court Judge who ordered the withdrawal of the children and the Chief Registrar also joined in using the children to oppress their father. All petitions written to the Chief Judge of the state was never attended to and at a point, the Judiciary refused to file his Applications against her while they kept accepting her frivolous and fraudulent motions. Three years on, despite violating the subsisting judgment delivered in 2020 which granted him unristricted access,they still refused to obey the law and attempted to kill him which he is now seeking Int’l legal and human right activist support to help secure justice for himself and other oppressed children and parents in his shoes