Change Agents South Africa

montagu, South Africa
Joined August 2020

Work in Langeberg Municipal area, Western Cape, South Africa. Holistic approach to people development. Human rights in the foundation of all programmes of Change Agents South Africa

Presence in: South Africa
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Criminal Justice, Gender-based violence, Health, Livelihoods, Right to Information, Women's Rights

Change Agents South Africa [CASA] is a voluntary organization established in 2015 for the promotion of a holistic approach to sustainable people centred development in the most marginalized communities in South Africa, with special focus on the Western Cape, Cape Winelands District Municipality and the needs of its people are a priority. In March 2017 we were also registered as Public Beneficiary Organization 18a

  1. Vision

A society where individuals, families and communities are able to attain and sustain their own economic, emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

  1. Mission

To facilitate sustainable people development by establishing and strengthening civil society organizations involved in poverty eradication, substance abuse related projects and protecting the rights of all South Africans with specific focus on women, children, youth and marginalized groups.

  1. Objectives

–       To advocate, educate and implement human rights interventions.

–       Coaching and mentoring and strengthening the institutional capacity of civil society Organizations that provides services to communities.

–       To promote and engage in consultation, dialogue and sharing of development experience between civil society Organizations, funders, business and relevant organs of state.

–       To initiate and implement projects and programmes to eradicate the use and abuse of legal and illegal substances.

–       To advocate, educate and implement interventions to assist people who are addicted to substances as well as people affected.

–       To use all platforms of media as a tool of communication to inform and empower the people CASA serves.

We were blessed to have a few very successful events during our time since the Organization has been registered.