Bureau of African PEACE

Accra-Ghana., Ghana
Joined September 2022

Vision Endeavor to strive towards building a sustainable culture of peace and harmony in Africa. Mission Advancing the cause of peace and security in Africa through NGOs. Our Values •

Presence in: Ghana
Focus: Gender-based violence

The Bureau of African Peace is a Non-Governmental organization incorporated in Ghana in accordance with act 179 of the company’s code 1963 certificate number CG197430721. The Bureau of African Peace is made up of Non-Governmental peace organizations in Africa, aiming to promote peace, security, justice, and equal rights for all human persons without any distinctions.

The BAP is also poised for unifying all Africa nations through connecting, sharing, educational design projects and programs for the youth etc. The Bureau of African Peace shall endeavor to actively work in partnerships across the entire world, including having to work in close cooperation with the sub-regional governmental agencies and the African Union at large.

The Bureau of African Peace is currently affiliated to the International Peace Bureau and counting towards ensuring a sustainable culture of peace and security for sustainable development in Africa.