Jhansi, India
Joined August 2021

BHEEMA FOUNDATION works in the area of DALIT RIGHTS, Children, Education & Literacy, Human Rights, Women's Development & Empowerment, Free from Cast Based Discrimination and Access to Justice etc.

Presence in: India
Focus: Criminal Justice, Education, Women's Rights

VISION- Establish a Society where the Excluded Community should be free from Exploitation, Injustice And Cast Based Discrimination.

MISSION- Establish an equal and equitable society through increasing the capacity of excluded society, Dalit, Women and Minority involving them with various government schemes

ISSUES- Dalit & Women Empowerment

Child Education and Training Program,

Health, Right to Education and Food,

Dalit and Women Atrocity,

Monitoring for Government Scheme,

Manual Scavenging,

Bounded Labor,

Target Group Community

Budgetary Program to health, education, foods, rights based for All Community including Sc/St, Women, Child & Child Labor,

Development Program Sc/St Dalit, Minority Community.

Development Child Education for Out of School Child, Child Labor.

Health Program for Sc/St/Dalit Community & Income Generation to Contribute to Awareness Program.

Women Right and Dalit Atrocity, Right to Food, Manual Scavenging Program. #baseline Data Collection and Research Program.

Important Achievement:-

300 People beneficiary including dalit, women and children’s in Legal training on sc/st (PoA) act, 1989 in Gohan & Guplapur, Jalaun (UP) on date 13-14 January 2017,

300 dalit, women and children’s for Supportable training to Dalit Women Right, education & food in Gohan & Guplapur Jalaun on date 21-22 June 2017.

1500 peoples touched with campaign “free from Untouchability” in India. The goal for this campaign is 100th Independence Day Our Nation.

1000 women and girls with men’s goal 16 days campaign for “against to Violence of Women” under “banonaisoch” in November 2017.

100 Women beneficiary with Mahila Hinsa in “International Women Day” on date 8 March 2018 in Bhattagaon Jhansi.

50 People’s known to “Sc/St (PoA) Act, 1989 referred to cash of Supreme Court.

3000 family beneficiary Women, Girls, Boys Sc/St/General Awareness to Atrocities and Sc/St Act Campaign,