Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM)

Kampala, Uganda
Joined March 2021

ACFIM is a PanAfrican organisation founded in Uganda. The Vision is: A society where political leaders are responsive and accountable to citizens.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Livelihoods, Policy Advocacy

ACFIM is a coalition of civil society organisations that work together to contribute towards building electoral integrity for sustainable democracy by using research to promote openness, transparency, accountability and justice in management of public affairs. The organisation’s mission-critical places participation of the people in governance process is placed at the centre of all her interventions. ACFIM further believes that the reason Africa’s youthful population is restless is because governments have not addressed the call for economic and social justice, the two factors that are triggering the agitations.

The strategic priority areas are as follows:

Priority Area 1: Political Finance Monitoring

  1. a) Election and referenda campaign financing
  2. b) Flow of budget resources during pre-campaign and campaign period
  3. c) Compliance to the political finance legal framework
  4. d) Corporate/business electoral financing

Priority Area 2: Civic Engagement for Electoral Accountability

  1. a) Anti-vote buying campaigns targeting voters and politicians.
  2. b) Facilitate political engagements between voters and elected leaders.
  3. c) Training through The Political Finance Academy

Priority Area 3: Awareness Raising and Advocacy

  1. a) Research
  2. b) Symposiums and Youth Conventions
  3. c) Legal and Institutional Reforms