Aid Organization

Barisal, Bangladesh
Joined March 2021

Aid Organization is a non-profitable organization working in Bangladesh. Committed professionals in order to bring positive changes in the disadvantage hapless people’s Livelihood.

Presence in: Bangladesh
Focus: Education, Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information

Aid Organization is a non-Governmental, non-political, non-profitable benevolent, voluntary Social & Social economic development organization. AID Organization, founded in 1997 the organization was established by a group of dedicated and committed to deliver professional services in order to bring positive Changes in the lives of disadvantage helpless people with sustainable livelihood development, safe environment, preservation of human rights, energy development, water, sanitation, hygiene, disaster risk reduction, adaptation to climate change affects, women and child rights, education and healthcare   . 

Vision :-AID Organization envisages a society free of exploitation, oppression, poverty, discrimination, injustice and inhumanity.

Mission :  To empower underprivileged Section of  the society by taking stand and providing with  Financial and logistic support to bring quantities  and qualitative changes in their livelihood development for  in an Equal and just society implementing the SDG goals by the year 2030.

Goal:- To make a poverty free self reliant  Society and establish human right based on

Justice, equity and sustainability.