Africa Skills and Economic Development Initiative (ASEDI)

Bophelong, South Africa
Joined November 2023

Africa Skills and Economic Development Initiative (Non-Profit Organisation) was initiated after realising the challenge faced by the community in regards to skills, poverty, education

Presence in: South Africa
Focus: Community Organizing

To use community resources and assets in creating enabling environment for socio-economic status of beneficiaries through entrepreneurship, sustainable and responsive development programmes.


  • Reducing poverty and equalities, not only those inherited from past policy decisions and social structures but also new poverty gaps and inequalities being created each day by the process of rapid change itself
  • To identify the economic needs of the chronically unemployed and underemployed in the region and encourage programming including education and retraining
  • To reduce unemployment, achieve economic stability and increase the standard of living for all our beneficiaries
  • Running groups in which young people will be encouraged to develop, self-realise by being provided with opportunity to build their own capacity and support networks to act on their own choices and sense of responsibility