Adaleh Center for Human Rights Studies

Amman, Jordan
Joined March 2023

An aware society that enjoys fundamental human rights and freedoms, free from discrimination and violations against human rights, where are the values of dignity, freedom, justice, equality, tolerance

Presence in: Jordan
Focus: Criminal Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Refugees & Migrant Rights, Women's Rights

About the Center:

Adaleh Center for Human Rights Studies is a non-governmental, non-profit Organization founded on September 2003 with a mission of enforcing Human rights in Jordan and the Arab world through building the capacity of non-governmental organizations and practitioners working in the field of human rights, democracy, and justice. The Center works following all universal human rights declarations, principles, and charters issued by the United Nations.Our Mission: Elevating respect toward freedom and human rights, Enhancing the principles of democracy and severity of the law, Activating the judicial role and ensuring its independence, Spreading awareness of human rights, Invigorating human rights and documenting human rights violations

Adopting a strategic vision for our work in human rights will contribute to determining the priorities of national action in the field of human rights and address the problems and challenges that impede the effective fulfillment of internationally recognized human rights in Jordan. This will increase cooperation and coordination between Adaleh Center, governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, and civil society organizations. Diagnosing problems, priorities, methods of work, and challenges will also lead to practical contributions. It will contribute to improving the performance of our work to enable the Government of Jordan to meet its international obligations resulting from its ratification of human rights conventions and, eventually, to improve the protection and promotion of the rights guaranteed by these Conventions in both the public and private sectors at the national level.

Activities and Programs

1: Raising Legal Awareness and Safeguarding Human Rights

2: Human Rights Education

3: Raising awareness of the Importance of Protecting the Rights of the Disadvantaged and Marginalized Groups

4: Civil Society and Media

5: Fostering the Role of Youth and Building their Capacities