These are dark days if you care about justice. Power and wealth are extremely concentrated. Authoritarianism and nativism have gained ground. And we are speeding towards environmental collapse.

Law is supposed to be one of our most powerful tools for advancing justice. But for billions of people around the world, the law is broken. It’s an abstraction—or worse, a threat. Namati and members of the Grassroots Justice Network advance social and environmental justice by building a movement of people who know, use, and shape the law.

Grassroots Legal Empowerment

Namati and our partners train and deploy community paralegals to take on some of the greatest injustices of our times. Together with the communities we serve, we strive to translate the lessons from our grassroots experience into positive, large-scale changes to laws and systems.
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Grassroots Justice Network

Namati convenes the Grassroots Justice Network—over 2,500 groups and 10,000 individuals from every part of the world. Members are learning from one another, advocating together, and joining forces to bring justice everywhere.
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Namati is a learning organization. With our partners and our network members, we are continually working to understand how best to advance justice through legal empowerment.

To date, we have authored or co-authored over 200 publications, including books, policy briefs, essays, peer-reviewed articles, and guides for practitioners.

Help Us Put the Power of Law in People’s Hands

We will put every dollar to work in building the movement for legal empowerment around the world.