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Turning in to Women’s Voices on Justice: An Initial Review of Literature on Philippine Publications on Women and Justice

The Review is basically a look at selected written and mostly published materials related to women, women’s rights, gender, and justice. It hopes to get a general glimpse of what has been said publicly about issues and concerns of justice and women’s perspectives, experiences, assessments, and recommendations in relation to the Philippine justice system (though largely pertaining to court processes and systems).

The type of materials for this Review includes books (materials with 50 pages or more), journals, and academic papers such as theses and dissertation papers (the only ones not published in the collection reviewed in this study), and pamphlets published by NGOs and government agencies. Most of the NGOs and alternative law groups’ publications on the subject matter were published from the 1990’s to the present, and the few years preceding that may already cover what one may loosely identify as relevant to the current concept of and engagement with the justice system.

The following are the special areas of interest in the document
GENDER JUSTICE: construction of gender justice
WOMEN’S EXPERIENCES: experiences of Filipino women in
their contact and engagement with the justice system
FEMINIST CRITIQUE: criticisms and counter-proposals by
feminists and women’s advocacy groups on the Philippine
justice system
breakthroughs for gender justice
by feminists and women’s groups on the justice system in the

Uploaded on: Jul 21, 2017
Year Published: 2005
Author: Marlon Manuel

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