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Transparency and Accountability at the Frontlines of Justice

This document suggests how members of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) can move from advocacy to concrete commitments on policing. It assembles what has been done and what could be done to realize the OGP’s goals of inclusion, justice, and human rights through improved transparency, participation, and accountability. As the document shows, some work has been done through OGP to address these core issues. However impactful this work, it is far too rare and is limited in ambition. Few OGP members are working on free assembly and none have yet tackled more concrete police accountability measures or legal regimes (at least through OGP action plans).

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Resource Type: Practitioner Resources Issues: Criminal Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency Tool Type: Policy Papers / Briefs, Reports / Research Method: Improving Governance, Accountability and Transparency, Promoting Citizens' Participation in Governance, Research Languages: English Regions: > Global