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Timap for Justice Community Paralegal Manual

This manual serves as a guide to the work of Timap’s paralegals. It is intended firstly as a reference and training tool for the paralegals. The sections herein cover (1) the skills our paralegals must develop to effectively provide justice services, (2) the structure of Timap as an organization, (3) the workings of the Sierra Leonean government, (4) Sierra Leonean law, and (5) basic human rights concepts. Paralegals should keep a copy of this manual in their office and update it with supplements provided by the directors.

The paralegal manual has a broader purpose as well. It is our hope that its contents will provide justice advocates elsewhere with insight into our methods and philosophy, giving them a model or guide to inform their own work. Our program has succeeded in achieving solutions to more than a thousand justice problems of poor Sierra Leoneans. We have been recognized by independent institutions including the World Bank and International Crisis Group for developing an effective methodology for providing justice services in a difficult and complex context. We hope our experiences will be useful to other justice efforts around the world. More information about Timap is available at www.timapforjustice.org.

This manual was written and produced by Timap’s directors, staff, interns, and volunteers. The authors include Director and Co-Founder Simeon Koroma, Deputy Director Nancy Sesay, Co-Founder and former Co-Director Vivek Maru, Lead Paralegal Daniel Sesay, Matt Muspratt, Ed Sawyer, Abigail Moy, Douglas Wyatt, James Kirk, Casie Copeland, Sonkita Conteh and Lotta Teale.

Uploaded on: Sep 11, 2012
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015
Year Published: 2012

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