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The Land Security Agenda: How investor risks in farmland create opportunities for sustainability

This report by the Earth Security Initiative puts the question of arable land at the center of a new security agenda. The risks to national economies, political stability and social cohesion, it argues, must now be acknowledged and dealt with. As the interest in farmland and commodities investments accelerates over the next decade, a new risk management agenda for investors and governments must focus on creating long-term value.

The report shows the interdependence that soil resilience, human rights and access to water has on these risks, and why all three must be considered together within a single risk framework.

The report introduces an action agenda, which seeks to mobilize:

1. Investors to manage the long-term risks in their portfolios as opportunities to create value for people, land and water. The performance reviews of fund managers and their pre-investment due-diligence processes integrate these criteria.

2. Governments regulate land acquisitions according to these criteria, applying them to domestic and foreign investments alike. Transparency on these three trends enables civil society and investors to assess the long-term risks of nations.

3. The customary rights held by communities are fully recognized by investors and governments, ensuring communities to own their land assets, which is a condition for prosperity.

Uploaded on: Feb 12, 2012
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017

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