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Successful Advocacy for Palliative Care: A Toolkit

This toolkit is a practical guide intended to assist users to become advocates for palliative care in a practical and effective way. It is not necessarily a resource to read from cover to cover; rather, it can also be used selectively to each reader’s needs to engage audiences and ensure that there is a real understanding of the need for palliative care. It should also be read in conjunction with the supplementary resources listed at the end of each of the toolkit’s sections.

Sections 1-5 provide the background to becoming an advocate by introducing the subject and providing advice and guidance on implementing an advocacy campaign, measuring the campaign’s impact, working with the media, and elaborating upon the public health approach to palliative care development. Section 6 subsequently provides the reader with four key fact sheets that can be reproduced as handouts and used to engage key stakeholders in productive dialogue.

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