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Roma Health Mediators: Successes and Challenges

The Roma Health Project of the Open Society Foundations has supported Roma health programs since January 2001. The project works to advance the health and human rights of Roma people by building the capacity of Roma civil society leaders and organizations and advocating for accountability and a strong civil society role in the design, implementation, and monitoring of policies and practices that most impact the health of Roma.

The report is an update of the 2005 qualitative study of the Roma Health Mediator model, focusing on Bulgaria, Finland, and Romania. It summarizes study objectives, the international policy context, key determinants of Roma health, and study findings. General study findings are presented first. The report then provides country-specific program summaries and findings. Recommendations are provided for each country as well as for Roma health mediation programs overall.

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Resource Type: Practitioner Resources Issues: Community Paralegals, Ethnic / Religious Minorities' Rights, Health Tool Type: Reports / Research Target Population: Stateless Method: Mediation & Conflict Resolution, Research Languages: English Regions: Europe