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Organizational Strategy – From strategy to strategic planning: A guide to issues, process and practice

The purpose of this publication is to describe and present an overview of Maliasili Initiatives’ approach to organizational strategy. This module may be useful for a wide range of organizations, both within Maliasili Initiatives’ own field of African natural resources management, and more broadly. The ideas and suggestions expressed here may be of interest to organizations that are considering embarking upon a strategic planning process; organizational change facilitators; organizations supporting strategic planning as third-party partners, collaborators, or funders; or anyone else interested in strategy as a component of organizational performance in the African natural resources field.

This document presents a living representation of Maliasili Initiatives’ current thinking and approaches to strategy and strategic planning. It is an overview and is not exhaustive, and like all of our work, it represents a constantly evolving body of work. Future iterations of this document may be considerably different as we learn and adapt our approaches to a growing body of experience; our methods, like the strategy of any organization, represent a constant cycle of implementation, learning and adaptation. As such, we would greatly welcome any feedback or engagement related to the ideas or suggestions expressed herein, as a contribution to our ongoing learning and reflection.

This strategic planning module includes:

  1. An overview of the role that strategy and strategic planning plays in all organizations in guiding their investments, thinking, performance, and growth.
  2. A description of the basic purpose, functions, and contents of strategic plans.
  3. An overview of the strategic planning process.
  4. A range of tips and guidance related to the development and use of strategic plans, drawn from Maliasili Initiatives’ experience, as well as other sources.
  5. An illustration of links between strategic planning and other key elements of organizational management, such as work planning, budgeting, communications, fundraising and monitoring and evaluation.
Uploaded on: Jan 26, 2016
Year Published: 2016

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