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Legal Empowerment: Practitioners’ Perspectives

This is a book on legal empowerment approaches to justice and development in ways that benefit the poor and other disadvantaged populations. It is part of the IDLO book series “Lessons Learned: Narrative Accounts of Legal Reform in Developing and Transition Countries.” Consistent with the animating question of this series, IDLO seeks to identify legal reform success stories and to try to understand what accounts for such favorable outcomes.


What Is Legal Empowerment? An Introduction
Stephen Golub

Taking the rules of the game seriously: mainstreaming justice in development
The world bank’s justice for the poor program
Caroline Sage, Nicholas Menzies and Michael Woolcock

Empowering the poor to access criminal justice: a grass-roots perspective
Adam Stapleton

The mystery of legal empowerment: livelihoods and community justice in Bolivia
Tiernan Mennen

Allies unknown: social accountability and legal empowerment
Vivek Maru

Justice reform’s new frontier: engaging with customary systems to legally empower the poor
Ewa Wojkowska and Johanna Cunningham

Empowering the disadvantaged after dictatorship and conflict: legal empowerment, transitions and transitional justice
Jamie O’Connell

Supporting stability and justice: a case study of NGO legal services in post-conflict Bosnia-Herzegovina
Dan Manning

Promoting legal empowerment in the aftermath of disaster: an evaluation of post-tsunami legal assistance initiatives in Indonesia
Erica Harper

Legal empowerment of unwed mothers: Experiences of Moroccan NGOs
Stephanie Willman Bordat and Saida Kouzzi

Women’s inheritance and property rights: a vehicle to accelerate progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
Nina Berg, Haley Horan and Deena Patel

Land Rights and the Millennium Development Goals: How the legal empowerment approach can make a difference
Hamid Rashid

Securing the land rights of the rural poor: experiences in legal empowerment
Jeffrey Hatcher, Lucia Palombi and Paul Mathieu

Increasing local voice and benefit in natural resource investment: a legal empowerment approach
Lorenzo Cotula

No rights without accountability: promoting access to justice for children
Anne Grandjean

HIV and Legal Empowerment
David Stephens and Mia Urbano

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Year Published: 2010

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