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Land Matrix

The Land Matrix is an online public database of large-scale land deals. It provides a visualisation of records documenting land deals since 2000. The data you can explore represent about 50% of the entire data base. The remaining deals are being crosschecked and added, together with new data provided, on an on-going basis. The visualisations offer overview of the data as well as giving full access to the public database down to the level of an individual deal.

The public interface provides factual information in a systematic, clear, visual and accessible format. It facilitates the collection and representation of data; encourages citizens, researchers, governments, and companies to provide data and improve the quality of and access to data; as well as provide a regular and accessible analysis of the phenomenon.

You can explore data through different entry points, ranging from summaries that give insights to the content of the database, to direct access to the data for more in-depth exploration and analysis.

Uploaded on: May 01, 2012
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015

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