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Know it, Prove it, Change it: A Rights Curriculum for Grassroots Groups

The Know It, Prove It, Change It: A Rights Curriculum for Grassroots Groups series was created specifically to help grassroots organizations in communities affected by HIV/AIDS to understand their basic rights, document rights abuses, and design and implement advocacy campaigns. The series has three parts:

  • Know It: The Rights Framework discusses international human rights law and how it applies to people living with HIV/AIDS and other marginalized communities. Available in English中文, and Thai.
  • Prove It: Documenting Rights Abuses explains how to plan and conduct rights research. Available in English, 中文, and Thai
  • Change It: Ending Rights Abuses shows how to plan and conduct local, national, and international advocacy based on the research. Available in EnglishChinese 中文, Thai, and Burmese.

Each book includes a manual, which describes the steps to take; and a trainers supplement, which has lesson plans, sample exercises, and templates to use in a training or workshop.

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