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Health, Health Care and Impacts on the Health of the Roma in the Republic of Macedonia

This study is aimed at obtaining quantitative and qualitative information regarding the health condition of the Roma in the Republic of Macedonia, the availability and accessibility of health care services, the quality of health care services provided, as well as the socio-economic factors that affect the health of the Roma.

The data collection was carried out using a previously made survey questionnaire distributed to 636 respondents, as well as focus groups with the Roma population, health care workers and representatives of Roma non-governmental organizations.

In order to accomplish the study objectives, the questionnaire was designed to obtain information about the socio-economic situation of the Roma population, including  housing conditions, employment, use of social welfare, monthly income and household expenditures; health insurance, including the current and past situation of possessing health insurance by the respondents; health care, including the accessibility to health care, the use of health care services, the quality of the services, health care during pregnancy and childbirth; and the health condition of the Roma population, including the health perceptions and the occurrence of chronic diseases, with a special emphasis on hypertension.

By cross checking the variables of the socio-economic indicators with the variables of the health care and health condition, interdependency was established to exist between the socio-economic situation and the quality of the health care and health condition among Roma in the Republic of Macedonia.

The key findings stemming from the study have defined the issues that have a significant impact on Roma health. More specifically, the main problems that the Roma population faces include the low level of education, the high unemployment rate, inappropriate living conditions and poverty.

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