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Guía de análisis presupuestario con enfoque de derechos para la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

It is undeniable that policies can not be implemented without the allocation of public resources that are necessary to make them effective. The strong connection between fulfilling the rights and budgetary resources to realize them imposes clear limits on state authority over the process of drafting the budget law and its implementation.

Often they argue that governments do not have the necessary means to satisfy the rights, and that its failure is due to the scarcity of resources. The detailed budget analysis can show that in many cases the alleged lack of resources only masks an unjust distribution of available resources, which are not primarily intended to ensure respect for fundamental rights.

Thus, budget analysis from a human rights perspective provides a powerful evidence on the real priorities of governments and public policies, generating valuable information that can be used by organizations of civil society, public bodies and citizens to actively participate in the discussion on the distribution of public resources. In turn, budget analysis is also useful in any judicial and administrative proceedings to demand the recognition of economic, social and cultural rights (hereinafter ESCR), refuting the generic excuses put forward by the State regarding the lack resource.

With this guide on budget analysis from a human rights perspective we hope to encourage the use of budgetary tools in the City of Buenos Aires, to help achieve the full realization of ESCR. Because of the way the budget analysis can shed light on the real priorities of governments and their degree of commitment to basic rights, is an essential tool to enrich the public debate, strengthen the claims of disadvantaged groups, and to demonstrate many state breaches that could be avoided with a fair and equal distribution of available resources.

Keywords: budget analysis, human rights, Buenos Aires.

Uploaded on: Dec 05, 2016
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016
Year Published: 2011
Author: Luciana Bercovich

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