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Ensuring Justice for Vulnerable Communities in Kenya: A Review of HIV and AIDS-related Legal Services

This assessment reflects findings from interviews conducted with representatives of nongovernmental organizations, health providers, people living with HIV and AIDS, legal advocates, government officials, and international donors in Kenya in July 2006. Its aim was to ascertain the status of HIV-related legal services in the country and to identify immediate opportunities for establishing programs to ensure access to justice through community-based legal services for people living with, affected by, and at risk of HIV and AIDS.

The assessment reviews existing legal frameworks supporting national HIV and AIDS policy and programs, and attempts to estimate both the supply of and demand for legal services to address HIV-related human rights abuses. Based on this research, it offers recommendations on how best to improve access to HIV-related legal services and enable vulnerable groups to realize their rights.

This document does not claim to represent all experiences of HIV-related human rights abuses and legal services in Kenya. It is not comprehensive, but instead serves to highlight problems and concerns arising from information obtained during the interviews and by reviewing secondary documentation. The study also does not provide a comprehensive strategy for scaling-up access to HIV-related legal services, but rather seeks to identify immediate and promising opportunities for proving that such services are possible in a low-resource setting such as Kenya.

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Resource Type: Practitioner Resources Issues: Community Paralegals, Generalist Legal Services, Health, HIV/Aids, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law Tool Type: Reports / Research Languages: English Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa