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Disability Rights Handbook – A Guide for Paralegals in Zambia: Paralegal Alliance Network (PAN)

This handbook has been developed to assist paralegals learn about disability rights and then apply the learning to their work. The handbook will also help trainers of paralegals with information needed to adequately train paralegals. PAN is hopeful that paralegals will find this handbook helpful and that they will make use of it as they work to promote disability rights.

This handbook has been developed to provide paralegals and their trainers of paralegals with guidelines and approaches on disability rights and how the acquired learning can be used in their work. However, this is not meant to be a static tool as both paralegals and trainers are expected to use this as a guide only. Paralegals also are expected to broaden their understanding of disability rights even by using other materials that are recommended in this handbook and could be available.

Uploaded on: Jul 19, 2016
Year Published: 2015
Author: Phillip Sabuni

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