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Case Management Form

This is Timap for Justice’s “Individual Case Record.” It helps Timap to understand the populations they are serving, to document and detect trends in their work, and to track case progress for supervision purposes.

Timap paralegals maintain a case file for each case. The file consists of (1) an Individual Case Record or a Community Level Problem Case Record, (2) an Action Log, (3) party statements, and (4) any other documents and materials related to the case. When opening a new Case File, paralegals complete the “Client Intake Section” of the Case Record and from then on log all of their activities concerning the case in the Action Log. A copy of the Case Record with the Client Intake Section filled out is also put in a folder to be picked up by the Lead Paralegal and delivered to the headquarters office. Lead Paralegals refer to case files when monitoring the work of paralegals.

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Resource Type: Practitioner Resources Issues: Community Paralegals, Generalist Legal Services Tool Type: Monitoring, Evaluation, & Case Management Forms Target Population: Rural Languages: English Regions: > Global, Sub-Saharan Africa