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Broadening the Agenda: The Status of Romani Women in Romania

This report argues that the situation of Romani women can only be accurately addressed by focusing on the simultaneous forms of gender, racial, and ethnic based discrimination that are particular to Romani women and are often compounded by poverty and social exclusion. It is not enough to elaborate and implement initiatives that deal with each issue in isolation: first racial and ethnic discrimination, then gender discrimination, then poverty and social exclusion. Rather, the interaction and relationship among these issues and types of discrimination need to be recognized and form the basis of policies.

While there are significant national and EU-level laws and policies dealing with discrimination and gender equality, there are currently no comprehensive policies specifically addressing the situation of Romani women, either at the national or the European level. However, a growing number of advocacy initiatives are pushing for the incorporation of Romani women’s issues into both the Roma inclusion and gender equality agendas. The surveys and discussion results featured in this report are intended to provide some of the crucial data to help policymakers and Romani advocates effectively incorporate the needs and concerns of Romani women into Roma inclusion and gender equality agendas.

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