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Advocacy – Tips for Paralegals

In this brief excerpt from Timap for Justice’s Paralegal Manual, advice and examples are offered on effective advocacy for individual paralegals and paralegal programs. Generally, advocacy is about sustaining a dialogue with people in support of a particular point of view or action. It is about making a single party, a powerful institution, or a village aware of an issue and urging action. A paralegal may advocate in writing – by sending a letter to a foreign mining company, for example. Or a paralegal may advocate in person – by meeting with that company’s official. Advocacy can take the form of talking with Ministry of Agriculture officials about problems farmers are facing within a particular program.  To be effective, a paralegal must be knowledgeable about an issue and persuasive in his or her advocacy, while possessing creativity and the ability to utilize different courses of action.

Uploaded on: Dec 18, 2013
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2017
Year Published: 2012

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