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A Human Right to Legal Aid

This publication examines the connection between provision of legal aid services and realization of human rights guarantees through a series of thematic and country-specific articles, drawn from experiences of authors from 13 countries in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America.

The Kyiv Declaration on the Right to Legal Aid, 2007, is attached as an appendix to this publication. The Kyiv Declaration underlines the responsibility of Governments to implement sustainable, quality controlled, legal aid programs that deliver legal aid services without discrimination to all people within their jurisdictions.


Introduction, Paul Dalton and Hatla Thelle, DIHR


A Human Right to Legal Aid; Simon Rice
Access to Justice and Legal Education: Challenges and Suggestions; Thomas Geraghty
Where there is no lawyer: a strategy to develop primary justice services; Adam Stapleton


: China under transition to Rule of Law – the Role of Legal Aid and Advocacy organizations; Huang Jinrong, Wang Fang & Hatla Thelle
Malawi: Access to Justice: the State of Legal Aid Services in Malawi; Bruno Kalemba
The Philippines: Developmental Legal Advocacy: Meeting the Challenge of Relevance and Responsiveness; Leo Battad
South Africa: Holistic Approaches to the Delivery of Legal Aid Services – the South African experience; David McQuoid Mason
Uganda: Redefining Access to Justice: Informal Justice Mechanisms and Alternative Dispute Resolution; Elinor Chemonges
Zambia:The Challenges of Fostering a Human Rights Culture and Best Practices in the Provision of Legal Aid Services: the Zambian situation; Paul Mulenga
Indonesia: Assessing the performance of court-appointed lawyers in Indonesian legal aid according to the international
standards; Uli Sihombing
Russia: Legal Aid in Civil Cases in the Russian Federation; Anton Burkov
South Africa: The Promotion of Access to Justice by University Law Clinics in South Africa; Seehaam Samaai


1. The Kyiv Declaration on the Right to Legal Aid, 2007
2. The Lilongwe Declaration on Accessing Legal Aid in the Criminal Justice System in Africa, 2004
3. Resolution 100(XXX) 06 of the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights Resolution on the Adoption of the Lilongwe Declaration on Accessing Legal Aid in the Criminal Justice System, 2006
4. Republic of Uganda Statutory Instrument, 70/2004, The Advocates (Student Practice) Regulations

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