Youth Coalition Against Gender-based Violence – YCAV SEMERERA

Bujumbura, Burundi
Joined May 2022

Semerera's mission is to enable young men and women from local communities in Burundi to be the main agents of the eradication of all forms of violence against women and children.

Presence in: Burundi
Focus: Children's Rights, Criminal Justice, Gender-based violence, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Women's Rights

Semerera was founded in 2013 by young human rights advocates and community organizers who dreamt about a free and inclusive Burundian society for all. The organization’s name SEMERERA is Kirundi word for « Speak Out » and refers to the founders’ desire to empower local communities to take the lead in the denunciation of all forms of discrimination against vulnerable groups like women, girls, and children. We use capacity-building, advocacy initiatives, and awareness-raising campaigns to promote and protect the rights of the most vulnerable groups in Burundi: women, women, girls and children. Besides, our programs empower women and youth to participate in public life, decision-making and peacebuilding processes, and contribute to their socio-economic integration in their communities.
Moreover, we mobilize male members of communities to take the lead in the eradication of discriminatory and harmful social and cultural norms that hinder women’s advancement in the society.