Young Visionary Leaders Ghana

Accra, Ghana
Joined March 2022

We work in Amasaman Accra Ghana. Mission is to Ensure and create a resilient society where everyone has access to basic human rights. Activities: right based education for vulnerable groups, advocacy.

Presence in: Ghana
Focus: Children's Rights, Education, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Policy Advocacy, Protection & Safety

The Young Visionary Leaders Ghana herein refers to YVLG is a youth-led national NonGovernmental Organization. It was established on the 6th march, 2015 in Amasaman Accra Ghana. It was registered with the government of Ghana at the Registrar General Department Accra under the company act, 1963(act 179) with the registration number CG027002016 and was later registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare under the department of the Social Development with the Registration Number d.s.d/7000. The Young Visionary Leaders works in the thematic areas of education, health, gender, social protection, policy review, advocacy, leadership, good governance community development, social intervention, youth, children, water and sanitation.To us, each person had been given to the world to be a solution to an existing problem. One cannot sit down waiting for things to happen to them but rather they must be in the forefront as visionary leaders, making things happen for the total good of the world. Young Visionary Leaders is making sure children and young people know this and we do this by training, motivating and educating our target audience through a framework of leading purpose-driven lives, being focused and confident in own capabilities to bring change around us that will leave an indelible mark on this and generations to come. We also believe that everyone must have access to basic human needs and rights such as hospitals, schools portable drinking water etc. We believe that everyone regardless of their color, gender, social and financial background must exercise their basic human right, at all course as defined by the United Nations Human Right Articles.