Young Minds for Good Governance, Community and Peace Building

Abuja, Nigeria
Joined August 2019

Seeks to address the problem of bad governance, and seek to imbibe community and peace building spirit in people

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Education, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Right to Information
  • Young Minds For Good Governance and Peace Building (YMGCP) is a non-governmental idea that was conceived by a young man by name OLALEKAN ABDUR-RAHMAN OMOKUNMI. He observed the political and social vices in his country and immediate society and came to the conclusion that the problem is not really the bad leaders as posited by many but the communal orientation and political culture which has to be corrected by re-orientating members of the society and increase political awareness in the society. Hence, Young Minds For Good Governance and Peace Building was birthed to proffer solutions to the identified problem.
    The organization plan to achieve this through series of programs.
    Firstly, by a program titled “catch them young”, this program is targeted at young lads that are between 10-17 years who are majorly secondary school students to impart in them the spirit of Good Governance, Transparency, Community and Peace Building. The organization intend to achieve this by collaborating with authorities of secondary schools by creating club with affiliation with the organization through which the students can be tutored on Good Governance, Community and Peace Building. So that this children can be abreast with this concept and internalize them in their day to day activities.
    Secondly, the organization plan to incorporate the principle and concept in the students of higher institutions such as Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education by creating clubs in the name of the organization to disseminate the message of the organization to the youth at different Higher Institutions. The organization intend to achieve this by training some members who will represent the interest of the organizations in various higher institutions to train and impart the principles and spirit of good governance, transparency, community and Peace Building in the higher institution students, who are believed to be the highest percentage of youth in the society and the country at large. .