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Women and Children Welfare and Dev’t Org

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Joined November 2021

Location: Ethiopia Mission: To Ensure Human right and Gender Equality of underserved and marginalized community.

Presence in: Ethiopia
Focus: Education, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Health, Other, Women's Rights

Name: Women And Children Welfare And Development Organization

Year Found: 2017

Location: Ethiopia

Scope of Area: at national level.

Registration Number: 4574

Vision: Forge to create an environment where everyone equally exercise human right and its previledge with full dignity.

Mission: To ensure Human right and Gender Equality of Underserved and marginalized through actively involve in building process of democratic Governance.

Objective: * Policy and Law change towards benefit of underserved.

* Addressing Service Gap in remote and limited access for service setup.

* Building safe and peaceful environment

Programmatic Intervention: #1 Advocacy and community building.

#2 socioeconomic development

#3 Humanitarian Aid and disaster response.

#4 Climate and environmental justice.

#5 Peace building and Promotion.

#6 Women right and empowerment.

#7 Children right and welfare.

#8 LGBTIQ+ Equality and Empowerment