Whistleblowing International Network

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Joined June 2019

NGOs for whistleblowing: WIN is an international centre of excellence connecting and strengthening civil society organisations that defend and support whistleblowers

Presence in: United Kingdom
Focus: Other
WIN’s mission is to protect the public interest by protecting whistleblowers worldwide. WIN connects civil society organisations around the world and works to strengthen their legal and practical capacity to advise and defend whistleblowers.  It does so by facilitating peer-to-peer support and providing the tools and resources needed to professionalise and strengthen the field. It also transmits first-hand knowledge of how to protect whistleblowers across borders and ensures international policy is informed by effective practices working on the ground.

WIN is an international membership organisation. It has two ways for organisations working on whistleblowing to participate: as a member or as an associate.

  • Members are non-profit national organisations that provide direct access to legal advice for whistleblowers
  • Associates are national and international non-profits that are committed to working on whistleblowing issues in other relevant ways (research, advocacy, etc).


WIN’s website is a resource for anyone interested in whistleblowing around the world.