Washington & Lee University School of Law

Lexington, United States
Joined September 2016
Presence in: United States
Focus: Criminal Justice, Education, Governance, Accountability & Transparency

The Washington and Lee University School of Law’s mission is to provide an extraordinary and innovative program of legal education. We emphasize critical thinking and effective oral and written communication. We are committed to law and justice at all levels: local, national, and international. By assembling an academically exceptional and diverse student body in small instructional settings, the law school aims to produce ethically grounded professionals possessing a unique combination of intellectual and practical ability, with the motivation to serve. We also seek to enrich public discourse by sustaining an outstanding faculty from a spectrum of backgrounds and experiences.

University Mission Statement

Washington and Lee University provides a liberal arts education that develops students’ capacity to think freely, critically, and humanely and to conduct themselves with honor, integrity, and civility. Graduates will be prepared for life-long learning, personal achievement, responsible leadership, service to others, and engaged citizenship in a global and diverse society.