Victoria Community Organization

Nairobi, Kenya
Joined October 2020

The organization works in Rarieda Sub-County. The mission of the organization is to achieve the social, health, education and economic well being and undertake capital investment programs.

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Education, Family, Health, Livelihoods


  1. to achieve advancement of social, health and education interest of the community.
  2. to deal with, provide and campaign on issues and initiatives with widows, orphans and PWDs on various life skills, creation of Aids awareness and other human rights as they relate to specials group of the society.
  3. to co-operate and assist projects, undertake capital investment programs.
  4. Creation of AIDS awareness among widows,orphans, youth and PWDs.
  5. to advocate against social injustices.
  6. to organize free/low medical camps to the community.
  7. promote gender equality of youths at family level.
  8. to nurture  and protect the wellbeing of economically and socially desperate youths empowerment programs.