Utatuzi Center

Nairobi, Kenya
Joined November 2020

Utatuzi Center works to achieve and facilitate speedy, cost-effective access to justice through incorporating technology in the access and delivery of Alternative Disputes Resolution mechanisms.

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Other

Utatuzi Center tackles the limited avenues to access dispute resolution services leading to gross delays in the administration of justice for individuals and corporates. We integrate technology with alternative dispute resolution mechanisms through our Application Program Interface (API) enabled real time online dispute resolution platform. The platform contains secure and encrypted personalized accounts for the parties allowing for tracking of disputes through instant notification and cost management systems with an in-built video conferencing tool providing convenience, security, and ease for the dispute resolution process. Our innovation resolves the inefficiencies and limited avenues for continuous access to justice. We champion for the adoption of web-enabled ADR strategies, thus providing an avenue for speedy, affordable and confidential access to justice. Therefore, our innovation, fills in the present gaps of the dispute resolution process by providing technological tools, active tracking& case management tools, affordability, confidentiality, speed, convenience and our diverse panel which has eliminated most inefficiencies in the dispute resolution process.